Madrid Daytrip Adventures

Madrid is the capital of Spain. But there are many interesting sights outside of Madrid. Day trips in Madrid can be undertaken using public transport, rented cars or excursion tours by professional tour operators. You can also opt for guided tours which give you the best of both worlds: good sights and comfort, as you are driven around with a tour guide to explain many interesting sights along the way. Hence, you should opt for many interesting combined guided tours that will take you around Madrid if you are in a rush. Continue reading Madrid Daytrip Adventures

Variety Of Places To Stay While In Madrid

Madrid is a metropolitan city, being the capital of Spain today. It offers thousands of comfortable places of stay with many that will fit your pocket like your hand to a glove. Booking ahead of course will ensure a definite place to rest after a long flight but there are many places of stay that are at your call and beck. Continue reading Variety Of Places To Stay While In Madrid

Enjoying Day Trips Around Madrid

There are so many places to see around Madrid but if you have limited days of travel for Spain, then you may want to consider day trips to get the best of Spain. Day trips or excursions are common to nearby cities from Madrid as the transportation is well structured. You can reach your preferred destinations by rental car, local buses, train or join an organized tour. Continue reading Enjoying Day Trips Around Madrid


Madrid is the capital of Spain with the biggest number of sunny days a year. It is also one of the most dynamic and most beautiful capitals of Europe. In addition, Madrid best describes the Spanish tradition, art and temperament.  Continue reading Madrid