The Coast Of Almeria

Special Spanish destinations

Costa Almeria occupies pieces of the south eastern part of Spain and it represents a very attractive holiday destination due to the fact that it became renowned as the land of contrasts. The coast does have a few desolate, rugged terrains, but it also has amazing beaches with some of the finest and most delicate sands you have ever seen. I think it is worth the effort, so let’s see what the coast has to offer to its visitors! Continue reading The Coast Of Almeria

The Tourism At Almeria

As we all know, the countryside can sometimes have that desert-like look. Almeria is one such countryside. This city attained its pinnacle almost a thousand years ago and during that time, the city was an important port for the Moors. Continue reading The Tourism At Almeria


Excursions in the region

If you are a visitor to the Almeria region, then you should visit the water park Mario as well. It is only a five minutes drive from Roquetas de Mar. Water parks always attract tourists because they offer an unforgettable experience, but it should be noted that the parks in Spain are the best. In addition to finely equipped cafeteria, pizzeria and kiosks, there is also a great Jacuzzi where you can relax. Continue reading Almeria