Travel Tips For Spain

The country is renowned for many things; one of them is its flamenco dancers; another is its bullfights. The Moroccan architecture reflects the local lifestyle with cave paintings, Moorish palaces and renaissance cathedrals to showcase the rich diversity of Spain. Summer is enjoyed by all for its sunshine but spring and fall are no less appreciated. Continue reading Travel Tips For Spain

Choosing Spain For Your Holiday

Spain receives millions of visitors every year due to the beauty of its landscapes, the diversity of its towns and cities, the huge number of villages that keep alive the traditions and the customs of the country, its climate, which is perfect for a holiday, and its impressive cultural, historical and architectural style. Continue reading Choosing Spain For Your Holiday

The Charming Seville

Seville is one of the most popular cities in Spain and a place that millions of tourists from all the corners of the world love. The Moors ruled over the city for no less than 800 years, so the atmosphere that surrounds Seville today is influenced by them. The climate, the fertile land and the beauty of the region attracted not only the Moors, but also the Carthaginians, Phoenicians and the Romans. Continue reading The Charming Seville