Amazing Holidays In Cadiz

The wonderful holiday destination

Cadiz was founded by the Phoenicians around the year 1100 BC, so it represents one of the oldest settlements that Spain has. Since the Phoenicians founded Cadiz, the city also played the role of an important port and it still is one of the busiest and productive that Spain has. Continue reading Amazing Holidays In Cadiz

Sightseeing In Cadiz

Cadiz is beautiful for any tourist to plan a daytrip. There will be lots of cultural and historical interest in the city that makes it a tourist paradise. There is the Cadiz Cathedral which is known as the “New Cathedral“, distinguishing it from Church of Santa Cruz, the old Cathedral. Continue reading Sightseeing In Cadiz

Visiting Cadiz

Founded by the Phoenicians over 3,000 years ago, Cadiz is considered the oldest city in the western world. With one of the most important ports in Spain, because it is located on the bay that bears its name and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it is united with the rest of the peninsula by a narrow isthmus. Continue reading Visiting Cadiz

The Spectacular Cadiz

The wonders of a beautiful place

Spain is definitely a beautiful country; this is one of the reasons why it attracts so many visitors from all the corners of the world and it does it every year. The diversity of breathtaking landscapes, the richness of the cultural and the historical heritage and the variety of villages, towns and cities are some of the factors that make people fall in love with this amazing country. Continue reading The Spectacular Cadiz