Spain, A Wonderful Tourist Destination

Spain, a country in Europe and a member state of European Union, is located in south-western Europe. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and east, by France to the north and by Portugal and Atlantic Ocean to the northwest and west. The capital of Spain is the city of Madrid. The official language of Spain is Spanish with other recognized regional languages being Aranese, Basque, Catalan/Valencian and Galician. The peseta was the old currency in use in Spain. In 2002, it was replaced by the euro. Continue reading Spain, A Wonderful Tourist Destination

Destinations In Spain That You Are Not Allowed To Miss

As you probably know, the beautiful country of Spain is a very popular one among tourists. If you are one of the few millions who dream about travelling to Spain, then you have to know that you should not stay in just one place. In order to see all the beauties of the country or at least parts of them, you have to go from one place to another; you have to feel the Spanish experience on your own skin! Continue reading Destinations In Spain That You Are Not Allowed To Miss

Spain – The Best Tourist Destination

It is everybody’s wish to trot the world and have a feel of a different culture, weather, and the things that can’t be found at home. Continue reading Spain – The Best Tourist Destination


Why Madrid?
Madrid is the capital of Spain and its largest city. It stands in the centre of the country on the river Manzanares. The history of Madrid is very vast: it seems like it has been occupied ever since pre-historic times, but there are also remains found dating back to the Visigoth era. Continue reading Madrid


A beautiful city

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. It is not only a fast growing economic centre, but also one of the most important Mediterranean ports in Europe and the 4th most visited city in the continent. Continue reading Barcelona

Top Attractions In Spain

A top holiday destination
Thousands of tourists from all around the world visit Spain every year. Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe and in the world thanks to its history, its culture and its warm climate which makes it possible to visit the country throughout the whole year. Continue reading Top Attractions In Spain

Wondrous Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain that deserve to be visited anytime by anyone. The city has wonderful monuments, art galleries, museums and restaurants that will water your mouth before you even order anything. There are wonderful natural sites here as well as historic grounds that will leave you yearning for more. Continue reading Wondrous Barcelona

Monuments In Barcelona Spain

Spain being the second most visited country in the world is definitely a place visitors should consider when choosing their trip of vacation destinations. Its cities are just as wonderful with each city having something to offer to tourists as well as the locals. Continue reading Monuments In Barcelona Spain

Santiago De Compostela

What one should know about Santiago de Compostela
Tourists from all over the world come to Spain to visit Madrid and Barcelona, to see the bullfighting, or to watch the passionate flamenco dancers, but Spain has a lot more to offer than this. Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the Galician province and it is famous for being the end of the route that constitutes the Way of Saint James, which is a pilgrimage that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Continue reading Santiago De Compostela

Journey to Catalonia

Catalonia is one of Spain’s seventeen communities with a very unique culture of its own. Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital and a tourist’s heaven. The word Catalonia derives from a term that means “Land of Castles”. Continue reading Journey to Catalonia