5 Interesting Places of Visit in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country to spend your holiday; you will be thrilled with the fun in the sun and sand, besides the many interesting historical sights that will help you relive your history classes. With too many interesting choices to start your journey, below are the recommended 5 interesting places to visit while in Spain which you will not regret. Continue reading 5 Interesting Places of Visit in Spain

Spain, A Wonderful Tourist Destination

Spain, a country in Europe and a member state of European Union, is located in south-western Europe. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and east, by France to the north and by Portugal and Atlantic Ocean to the northwest and west. The capital of Spain is the city of Madrid. The official language of Spain is Spanish with other recognized regional languages being Aranese, Basque, Catalan/Valencian and Galician. The peseta was the old currency in use in Spain. In 2002, it was replaced by the euro. Continue reading Spain, A Wonderful Tourist Destination

Farm Houses In Spain

Looking for calmness and comfort for your vacation? Choose the farmhouses in Andalusia, southern Spain. These farmhouses have been restored and transformed into unique accommodation. You will find that they wonderfully combine simple, rural flavor and comfort inside. Continue reading Farm Houses In Spain

Enjoying Quirky Spanish Festivals

There is no need to invite the Spanish to any celebration; it will be like teaching a duck to swim. The Spaniards are renowned for throwing up fiesta after fiesta, no matter what occasion it might be. Continue reading Enjoying Quirky Spanish Festivals

Places To Visit In Spain

After two decades of transformation, the city of Barcelona has become one of the most dynamic and stylish cities in the world. This city is a center of fashion, food, music, architecture and celebrations throughout the year, especially during the summer when it is truly outstanding. Barcelona is known for the great buildings of Gaudí, the collections of Picasso and Miro, the people who are always effervescent and the many places to visit and enjoy various kinds of activities. Continue reading Places To Visit In Spain

Prospects Of Tourism In Spain

The season for holidays in Spain is expected to be very promising, at least if you consider the results of the survey on travel behavior (Habitur) by the Institute of Tourism Studies.  During the study, the 15,000 foreign tourists who were interviewed spent at least one night in Spain during 2010. These results were most encouraging and anticipated that 59.8% of foreign tourists who visited the country last year will repeat the experience in 2011. This indicates that six out of ten visitors will return to Spain. Continue reading Prospects Of Tourism In Spain

A Glamorous Vacation In Spain

Marbella is always a good choice for a holiday. Quaint and crowded, the charm of the Mediterranean city of Malaga makes this one of the most preferred destinations of tourists in the country. Nearby is Puerto Jose Banús , more commonly called Puerto Banús , another charming place situated in the area known as Nueva Andalucia close to San Pedro de Alcántara. Continue reading A Glamorous Vacation In Spain

The Beautiful Vilaflor

Spain, the amazing country that represents the holiday destination of millions of people from all the corners of the world, is the European country known as being both beautiful and diverse. The diversity and the beauty of everything that forms Spain represent the two reasons why people feel so attracted to see this country, the reason why the madness of booking places starts much in advance. Continue reading The Beautiful Vilaflor

Spanish Holiday Destinations

A very long list of questions pops into your mind when preparing to visit a country. What am I going to see? Which city should I choose? Should I expect it to be cheap? Will I experience new customs and traditions? If you think about it, all these questions are nothing but natural and when you visit Spain you have to have an answer to all of them before choosing an exact destination. Spain is a country that will surprise you in a very pleasant way. Continue reading Spanish Holiday Destinations

Going To Spain For A Golfing Holiday

Spain is definitely one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen; whenever the word ‘’Spain’’ is heard, people correlate it with spectacular landscapes, picturesque views, interesting historical towns, modern and cosmopolitan cities, a rich cultural heritage, outstanding architectural sites and relaxing holidays. Continue reading Going To Spain For A Golfing Holiday

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