Madrid Daytrip Adventures

Madrid is the capital of Spain. But there are many interesting sights outside of Madrid. Day trips in Madrid can be undertaken using public transport, rented cars or excursion tours by professional tour operators. You can also opt for guided tours which give you the best of both worlds: good sights and comfort, as you are driven around with a tour guide to explain many interesting sights along the way. Hence, you should opt for many interesting combined guided tours that will take you around Madrid if you are in a rush. Continue reading Madrid Daytrip Adventures

Variety Of Places To Stay While In Madrid

Madrid is a metropolitan city, being the capital of Spain today. It offers thousands of comfortable places of stay with many that will fit your pocket like your hand to a glove. Booking ahead of course will ensure a definite place to rest after a long flight but there are many places of stay that are at your call and beck. Continue reading Variety Of Places To Stay While In Madrid

The Capital City Of Madrid

Located in the middle of the Meseta, Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe with an altitude of 660 m. It is a city that has a particular historical past, but its location in the heart of the 18 autonomous regions of Spain makes it ideal to play its role of capital city. It was made the capital for this reason and this event took place in 1521, when Philip II moved the court here from Toledo. Continue reading The Capital City Of Madrid

An Ideal Day In Madrid

Here’s how you can spend an ideal day in Madrid.
Morning tours

Dedicate this day to visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Through a guided tour you will see the uniforms of the players of Real Madrid, the soccer field, the grandstand, the VIP area … a real luxury for a redneck! Continue reading An Ideal Day In Madrid

How To Spend Your Time In Madrid

Visit one of the galleries in the Paseo del Arte, the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. It has paintings and work from the thirteenth to the twentieth century and also from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Then you can head for the Plaza de Colón and the Gardens of Discovery. Nearby is the district of Chueca, which receives millions of visitors from around the world during the celebration of Gay Pride. Chueca has many bars, cafes, shops and establishments in the ‘rainbow’. Continue reading How To Spend Your Time In Madrid

A Madrid History Lesson

The Medieval Madrid

Madrid is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world; it is also a city with a very rich history, which attracts millions of people from all the corners of the Globe. The medieval Madrid dates back to the 14th and the 15th centuries; Continue reading A Madrid History Lesson

Excursions Around Madrid

Madrid is the capital of beautiful Spain and one of its most important cities. It attracts millions of tourists every year, people who enjoy spending time in a city that is both modern and cosmopolite and that knows how to keep the true Spanish values alive. One important reason why so many tourists choose Madrid as their holiday destination is that its surroundings offer numerous possibilities for day trips to amazing places. Continue reading Excursions Around Madrid

Enchanting Madrid

It can be quite daunting to be sure that you are really visiting Madrid, as it is not confined to just a city or district, but could be a conglomeration of areas which are historically and culturally mingled and interlinked.
Continue reading Enchanting Madrid