The Coast Of Almeria

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Costa Almeria occupies pieces of the south eastern part of Spain and it represents a very attractive holiday destination due to the fact that it became renowned as the land of contrasts. The coast does have a few desolate, rugged terrains, but it also has amazing beaches with some of the finest and most delicate sands you have ever seen. I think it is worth the effort, so let’s see what the coast has to offer to its visitors! Continue reading The Coast Of Almeria

The Almeria Tourism

As a usual part of Andulcia, the Almeria countryside has a barren land. Around a millennium ago, it was one of the important Morrish ports and a learning centre. This city then was at its apex. During the twelfth century, a severe series of earthquakes slowed down the city. In later years, it has yielded a major revivification, with support by modern agriculture revenue. In 2005, the “Mediterranean-Games” at Almeria also supported Almeria. Continue reading The Almeria Tourism

Beautiful Moments In Almeria

Everything you need to know about Almeria

Almeria is part of the amazing region of Andalusia, the very region where the passionate flamenco and adrenaline-filled bullfighting were born. However, Almeria is very different from Andalusia in every respect: the landscapes are not lush but lunar, the tourism industry has not spoilt its coasts and beaches and it never gets too crowded. Continue reading Beautiful Moments In Almeria

Going On Holiday On The Almeria Coast

Those people who have already taken a holiday in Spain know that the country is one of the most beautiful in the world. It has so many places to offer, with so many cities and villages to visit, as well as beaches and mountainous national parks, that it is absolutely impossible to get bored. The Almeria Coast is one of the most beautiful and scenic regions in Spain. The 217 kilometers of coastline are hosted by the province of Andalusia, occupying the entire southeast of the province. Continue reading Going On Holiday On The Almeria Coast

Perfect Spanish Holidays In Almeria

Costa de Almeria is one of the sunniest and most beautiful places in Spain, one of the regions that tourists choose for the wonderful beaches with delicate sands and crystal clear waters. However, there are some who get bored of lying in the sun; they are the active tourists, those who prefer to spend their day walking around, trying to discover and explore the surroundings, the ones who love to sightsee. Continue reading Perfect Spanish Holidays In Almeria