It is an island with an extent of over 80 kilometers. The coastline measures about 550 Km. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the island is well known for the beautiful coves and white sand beaches. There are Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains and nature reserves giving a glimpse of contrasting landscape. Continue reading Majorca


Palma, capital of the Mallorca Islands with a population of about 300000 inhabitants owes its history to about 120 BC. Perhaps many of the intelligentsia and leaders of Spain were so impressed by the natural beauty of Palma, they have built some of the most wonderful buildings, churches etc which are actually feather in the cap of Palma. There are lots of places to see and enjoy in Palma. Some of the places are briefly introduced here:

The walls: During the medieval period there was a necessity for the inhabitants to protect their territory from invaders. So, they designed and built a wall around the city. These ancient people are so ingenious that they apart from building the wall, also built observatory posts on the wall. To reach the wall they built steps at strategic places. The wall has path way for the soldiers to move men and material. On the top of it, the walls are so strong that it has survived even several centuries after they were built. Continue reading Palma

Experience the World of Rapture in Balearic Islands

Travel to the Balearic Islands will bring you into a world of rapture. Surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, this paradise includes a group of four breathtaking islands including Cabrera, Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza. The climate of the islands is also an attraction that caters to both warmth and health with sunlight all round the year.

Apart from 24 hours parties that keep happening on the island, the visitors also gets to experience and see the Gothic cathedrals, never-ending orchards that are laden with oranges and olives, fishing villages and ruins of Stone Age. The fact that one can enjoy the sun on the magnificent white sandy beaches along with the rich culture and hospitality that people offer makes this island one of the most favorite destination for holidays. Continue reading Experience the World of Rapture in Balearic Islands

Visit the Most Striking and Photogenic Creations on Earth in Majorca

Majorca happens to be located on the Spain’s eastern coast. This island is an indomitable part of Balearic Islands and is surrounded with the Mediterranean Sea. Majorca is a great place to unwind the stress and chaotic condition of daily life. A large number of attractions in Majorca make it a fabulous place to enjoy the holidays. Majorca is known for its Magaluf and Palma Nova beaches. Alcudia is also a great cosmopolitan area in Majorca that has a medieval old town.

While you are on a holiday in Majorca you’ll find everything from inhabited islands to castles and beaches to have a great time. The inhabited islands of Majorca have the so-called largest gathering of Black lizards in entire world. You will also find classic villas as a fabulous accommodation where you can spend a good time him and relax. Continue reading Visit the Most Striking and Photogenic Creations on Earth in Majorca