The best of Costa Brava

Costa Brava literally means “wild coast” and similar to its name its territory is known for its craggy shoreline in Barcelona. The little beaches here backed by some eroded cliffs bestows immense amount of beauty and charm that can attract just about anybody that is here for holidays. Spain is a popular destination for travel and holidays and it’s natural that some of its beaches and holiday destinations remain overcrowded but indeed there are some better-known beaches and spots that are undoubtedly an inviting alternative for divers, families, golfers and others who are looking for some peace of mind in secluded beaches that are hidden under the cliffs.

Spain’s Costa Brava is not just known for its natural beauty, it is also a cultural center that has strong associations with artists such as Marc Chagall, Picasso and Salvador Dalí. Tossa de Mar is considered the prettiest town in Costa Brava that is mainly known for its white houses and narrow streets that are still encircled by 12th century walls and towers. Continue reading The best of Costa Brava

Travelling Stunning Costa Brava By Train

Costa Brava is known for its incomparable natural beauty. The place is crammed with a number of historical and cultural treasures that offer plenty of outdoor and sports activities for all those who want to indulge in active holidays. The sandy playground is perfect for all those who are seeking some exciting water adventures, peaceful sunbathing and enjoying the picturesque Mediterranean villages. The coastline stretches from Blanes, all the way to the French border and Cap de Creus.

The rocky shore in Costa Brava is marred by jagged cliffs, small and hidden coves where great smelling pine woods are scattered near the shore such that their branches are dipping into the sea. This sets a perfect mood for a romantic vacation. The inviting mixture of long sandy beaches, mountains, plains and tiny coves has attracted a number of travelers and artists alike. The best way to travel Costa Brava is by using the low-cost train system. RENFE train system of Spain is an easy and efficient way of getting around. Continue reading Travelling Stunning Costa Brava By Train

Places of interest in Spain – Costa Brava

Costa Brava, the proud beach of Catalonia province, Spain is literally a paradise for those who love nature. This beach which is almost 60 km in length stretches up to Barcelona. Along the entire coast there are many places for the tourist to see and enjoy. Some of the very important places of interest for tourist are mentioned here:


This Gothic style chapel was built in 1694 for Sant Pere del Bosc which according to history was under the control of Benedictines. Later, part of the chapel was destroyed during war and it was restored in 1789. But the reconstruction was made in Baroque architecture and a hermitage was built and it was named Sant Pere Salou. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Costa Brava

Costa Brava – the beauty of Spain

Many countries around the world have beaches and mountains but what makes the difference in the beaches of Spain is their impeccable natural beauty. The row of mountains which run almost parallel to the beach, buildings built in traditional Gothic or Romanesque architecture, parks – it is just a paradise on earth. One such beautiful place of Spain is the Costa Brava which is a part of the province of Catalonia.

Across the 60 km length of this beach, the visitor will come across many small villages and cities which have many places of interest and some of these places have historical importance also. Just join us; you will be convinced how much Costa Brava can entertain the tourist. Costa Brava also has many villas, apartments and hotels where the tourist can get luxurious accommodation at the most reasonable rentals. These villas and hotels are located at most strategic locations so that the tourist can enjoy the impeccable beauty of nature. Continue reading Costa Brava – the beauty of Spain

Clubvillamar in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a heaven on earth. A tour to Costa Brava will convince you. Unless you are familiar with Costa Brava, it would be certainly difficult for you to plan your visit. Costa Brava is a seashoretown  spread over hundreds of miles and many towns and villages are dotted along its vast coastline. Each of these towns and villages has many places of interest and it is certainly a difficult job to program your vacation.


They are a professional organization engaged in providing villas and arranging for your tour. They arrange for your most comfortable stay in Costa Brava. They help you to plan your itinerary. They have villas to suit every touring group. Be it your honeymoon trip or trip with your family and kids or a group of friends merry making, they have villas ready to accommodate. Continue reading Clubvillamar in Costa Brava

Villa Calonge

Costa Brava houses many renowned beaches along its length and breadth on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Costa Brava is so ideally located that nature has showered this beach with all her magnificent natural splendors. The imposing beach is on one side, running parallel is the row of mountains and in between are many towns. Calonge is one such city which is located at a distance of about 3 kms from Costa Brava. The place also houses many historical places of interest to the tourists. The people of Calonge value their tradition. Some of the villas in this beautiful city of Calonge are mentioned here:

Villa Gold:

This four bedroom villa, true to its name, is really gold. Splendid in appearance, luxurious in experience and built on an area of about 140 sq meters, it is the most ideal place for a comfortable holiday tour. The villa has 12 sleeps with two bathrooms and a kitchen which are fully equipped. There is a dining room and a living room and the entire villa is fully furnished. Continue reading Villa Calonge

Villa Playa d’Aro

Playa d’Aro is a quite ancient village in Spain and is located on the beach of Costa Brava. The place is known for its natural beauty which is enriched by the beautiful sea and the mountains. The village has many places of historical importance like old churches, castles, etc. The village is also known for the hospitality of the people to guests who visit the place. The village is proud to have some of the most popular villas.

Playa de Aro holiday apartment:

This apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with six sleeps. It is located at a distance of just about 200 meters from the sea. The entire apartment has marble flooring. There is a large swimming pool just by the side of the apartment. For entertainment of guests, television and DVD have been provided. It is very near to the market and the town is also quite nearby. It has one double bedroom and the remaining two single bedrooms with two beds each. There is one En suite bathroom in the double room. Continue reading Villa Playa d’Aro

Villas Costa Brava

Catalonia is a city with rich tradition. With Barcelona as its capital, Catalonia has the famous beach Costa Brava on the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its impounding beauty of the sea on one side with the backdrop of majestic row of mountains, it is a heaven for those who want to spend their holiday in the midst of an imposing view of nature. There are many villas to accommodate the guests which are dotted at various places on this famous beach. Some of the villas are briefly mentioned here:

Villas in El Penedés:

El Penedés which is the birth place for the world famous Cava, the white and red wine, has rows of luxurious wine yards and a rich and valuable tradition behind it. This is about 35 kms from the Costa Brava beach and in the midst of the wine yards are the villas for calm and peaceful holidaying. In this city, there are villas which have been grouped into different sections to accommodate five guests in each block. Continue reading Villas Costa Brava

Villa rental Costa Brava

Costa Brava, the most preferred tourist spot in Spain is located on the north east side of Catolina. This long beach is dotted with many towns. Costa Brava is also known for its breathtaking natural beauty. This is the most ideal place for a quiet and peaceful holiday. Many villas are available on rent at various towns and villages in and around Costa Brava. Some of the villas are mentioned here:

Casa Mas Pinell 85:

This is a villa located in the town of Mas Pinell. This two floor three bedroom villa has one double bedroom with attached bathroom and two single bedrooms with separate bathrooms. There is a living cum dining room with fire place, a kitchen with refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, freezer, washing machine and other kitchenware accommodation. Continue reading Villa rental Costa Brava

Villa Costa Brava

Spain is a country with many popular beaches. Costa Brava is one such popular beach located near the town of Begur. This city is amidst the imposing beauty of mountains, surrounding the city in a semi circle fashion. The city is well known for its cobbled streets, open air pizza restaurants, bars, etc. There are many castles of historical importance in Begur. Costa Brava is frequently visited by Spaniards rather than other foreign tourists. So Costa Brava is not thickly populated even during summer. Costa Brava is known for the imposing beauty of the sea.

La Tortuga:

There are many villas in and around Costa Brava. La Tortuga is one such popular villa in Costa Brava. This villa is located at almost the dead end. The uniqueness of this villa is that it is located in an urban locality, yet it is quiet. It is just about 500 meters from the beach. Enough parking place is provided to park the car.  It can accommodate about six persons. The nearest airport is Girona which is about 38 km away. Continue reading Villa Costa Brava