Visiting Los Montesinos And Other Costa Blanca Villages

For those who decided that spain should be their holiday destination but haven’t decided yet which region is the right one for them, Costa Blanca can turn out to be a great idea. Costa Blanca is full of villages, most of which fight every single day to keep the Spanish customs and traditions alive. Los Montesinos is one of those villages, and it represents one of Costa Blanca’s villages of great historical importance. Continue reading Visiting Los Montesinos And Other Costa Blanca Villages

A Journey Into The Costa Blanca Villages

For those who haven’t yet decided which Spanish destination to choose for their holiday, I strongly recommend the charming villages along the Costa Blanca. You will find something special waiting for you in every single one of them, and you will have enough memories to last a lifetime. Start your journey with Guardamar del Segura; having the Segura River murmuring at its feet, you will be welcomed by a wonderful view. Continue reading A Journey Into The Costa Blanca Villages

Amazing Beauty In Cabo Roig

Cabo Roig lies at the south of Costa Blanca as an elite holiday resort that offers fabulous “blue flag” sandy beaches with an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. It can be reached from Murcia and Alicante airports in just 20 minutes. Continue reading Amazing Beauty In Cabo Roig

Costa Blanca, The Land Where Everything Is Possible

Spain, a perfect vacation destination

Composing the Iberian Peninsula together with Portugal, Spain has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. It is the country where you can take a sunbath now, and two hours later, you can climb the Pyrenees Mountains. Continue reading Costa Blanca, The Land Where Everything Is Possible

A Stunningly Beautiful Beach – Costa Blanca, Spain

It is not only the waves of the roaring sea that have made Costa Blanca one of the most popular beaches of Europe. The roaring sea, a vast beach of golden colored sand, an unassumingly beautiful environment, a variety of water and beach sports, historical buildings, popular hotels and bars, a shopping mall, luxurious villas and apartments have all made this beach one of the most popular of Europe. Continue reading A Stunningly Beautiful Beach – Costa Blanca, Spain

Spend Ideal Coastal Holidays in Calpe

Calpe is the pride of Spain and it attracts people because of its charm. Calpe is considered one of the favorite villages in Costa Blanca and is known for its scenic views and hand crafted wicker goods. Baskets, wicker Hats and chairs that on a common display over streets will take your heart away. Calpe is considered a perfect place where one can stay in a villa and have a whale of a time, mainly because of the availability of all facilities and friendly nature of local residents. People are really cared for in Calpe and it is a well cleaned village.

Ferienhäuser Costa Brava Ferienhäuser Costa Blanca Ferienhäuser Ibiza Ferienhäuser Mallorca

The town’s most eminent and distinguishing feature is its impressive Peñon de Ifach. Peñon de Ifach is a huge rock that rises to about 332 meters of the Mediterranean. Peñon de Ifach was declared to be a nature reserve in the year 1987. It is a safe refuge for a hodgepodge of fauna and unusual flora. A hike to Peñon de Ifach’s summit can be a memorable experience for those who want to have an energizing experience. One can reach the acme by passing through a tunnel that itself was built way back in 1919. Continue reading Spend Ideal Coastal Holidays in Calpe

Villa Javea

‘Javea’ is also called the jewel of Costa Blanca. This village of Javea is also popular for its traditional houses, churches having long history, many monuments of historic value and a beautiful view which cannot be explained in words; it is stunningly beautiful. The view in Javea is so beautiful; perhaps it can be called the heaven on earth. That is this village ‘Javea’. It is no surprise that this place is frequented by tourists and to welcome the tourists, there are many villas.

Villa Tosca:

This four bed room villa with three bathrooms is located in one of the prestigious locations in Javea. The villa is quite spacious with eight sleeps. Luxuriously furnished which choicest curtains and carpets, it is a pleasure to live in this villa. Ground floor has two bedrooms with bathrooms and first floor has one double bedroom and en suite bathroom. One more double bedroom with kitchen and utility are in the abutting building. The kitchen is fully equipped. The balcony furnished villaand terrace are ideally suited to have a view of the splendid nature. The beach is just about five minutes drive. Continue reading Villa Javea

Costa Blanca villas

Costa Blanca is one of the largest sea beaches spread over an area of about 200 kilometers. The entire stretch is dotted with many small towns and villages. Running across the sea beach are rows of mountains. The entire stretch of beach is filled with picturesque scenery of the sea on one side and the rows of mountains on the other side. The villas are situated on this entire stretch of Costa Blanca which offer luxurious accommodation for the tourists so that they could enjoy nature munching the luxury of the villa. Some of the villas found on this stretch of beach are briefly mentioned here:

Villa La Marina:

This four bedroom villa situated in Moraria is the most ideal place for a peaceful holiday. Situated at a distance of about 5 to 10 minutes from the villa, the beauty of the sea can be enjoyed right from the terrace of the villa. It is equipped with 9 sleeps, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen that is fully geared up for cooking. It has central heating facility for stay during winter and of course it has air conditioner too for use during summer. Private swimming pool and facilities for outdoor sports like golf, tennis, skiing, cycling, etc. are available. Continue reading Costa Blanca villas

Villas Costa Blanca

Those who visit Costa Blanca, Spain will always cherish the sweet memories of the visit; the beautiful nature, beautiful environment, comfortable stay in a luxurious villa at the most economical rent, the list goes on. If you are planning your next holiday, visit Costa Blanca, Spain and you can be sure that successive holidays will be in Costa Blanca only. Such is the beauty of nature of this coast of Mediterranean Sea. Some of the villas in the Costa Blanca are introduced here:

El Castillo de Angel:

This stunningly beautiful 5 bedroom with attached bath villa is located at the base of the mountain. Just six kilometers from the sea and shopping area, the villa is in the midst of the most beautiful environment. The villa is spacious and is luxuriously furnished. The kitchen has all the amenities. The villa has a wide balcony, terrace garden, private garden. Continue reading Villas Costa Blanca

Villa rental Costa Blanca

The long beach of Costa Blanca is home for many villas. As a matter of fact, these villas have improved tourism industry of Spain. The tourist can have a peaceful stay and enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature of the Mediterranean Sea.  Some of the villas are briefly introduced here:

Quad Villa:

This 2 bedroom villa with 2 bath rooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, swimming pool, etc. was built in 2001 and refurbished in 2006. It has 90 Sq. meters of living area and 200 Sq. meters of terrace. It is ideally located for a full view of the sea and Guardamar. Equipped with satellite television, DVD, etc. it is the most ideal place for quiet living. Continue reading Villa rental Costa Blanca