Travel Tips For Spain

The country is renowned for many things; one of them is its flamenco dancers; another is its bullfights. The Moroccan architecture reflects the local lifestyle with cave paintings, Moorish palaces and renaissance cathedrals to showcase the rich diversity of Spain. Summer is enjoyed by all for its sunshine but spring and fall are no less appreciated. Continue reading Travel Tips For Spain

5 Interesting Places of Visit in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country to spend your holiday; you will be thrilled with the fun in the sun and sand, besides the many interesting historical sights that will help you relive your history classes. With too many interesting choices to start your journey, below are the recommended 5 interesting places to visit while in Spain which you will not regret. Continue reading 5 Interesting Places of Visit in Spain

Living Like A Spaniard

To truly understand a culture or lifestyle, it is best that a foreigner should live in that country for some time. It is no different with Spain. The country is so colorful that anywhere in Spain would be a great choice to get a feel of life like a Spaniard.  It is not hard to live like the Spanish people as they are really friendly although you might be frustrated with the bureaucracy. However, the health care is excellent if compared to America or England. Continue reading Living Like A Spaniard

Hiring A Car To Sight See Spain

It is easy to sight see Spain with a hired car but there are some pointers that you should take note of when you plan to do so.  Firstly, you must confirm what is included in your car rental and what is not; mileage, local taxes, insurances and petrol are some issues which tourists need to be aware of when hiring a car. These will add up to the cost of hire. Continue reading Hiring A Car To Sight See Spain

Madrid Daytrip Adventures

Madrid is the capital of Spain. But there are many interesting sights outside of Madrid. Day trips in Madrid can be undertaken using public transport, rented cars or excursion tours by professional tour operators. You can also opt for guided tours which give you the best of both worlds: good sights and comfort, as you are driven around with a tour guide to explain many interesting sights along the way. Hence, you should opt for many interesting combined guided tours that will take you around Madrid if you are in a rush. Continue reading Madrid Daytrip Adventures

The Spanish Conil As A Holiday Destination

The summer holiday

There is nothing that people love most than the summer holidays; they represent the moment of the year when people can take the freedom to just relax and forget about the usual, daily problems. Spain is a great destination for those who want to relax on a delicate beach, enjoying the warm sun and the crystal clear, shallow waters of the Mediterranean. Continue reading The Spanish Conil As A Holiday Destination

The Coast Of Almeria

Special Spanish destinations

Costa Almeria occupies pieces of the south eastern part of Spain and it represents a very attractive holiday destination due to the fact that it became renowned as the land of contrasts. The coast does have a few desolate, rugged terrains, but it also has amazing beaches with some of the finest and most delicate sands you have ever seen. I think it is worth the effort, so let’s see what the coast has to offer to its visitors! Continue reading The Coast Of Almeria

The Beautiful Cruz Del Carmen

The summer holidays

Spain is really a great destination for a summer holiday: it has endless beaches of an unreal gold, covered with fine, delicate sands, it has warm and shallow waters that enjoy a beautiful crystal clear blue and it has a welcoming sun that will help you get that perfect tan you have always dreamt of. Continue reading The Beautiful Cruz Del Carmen

The Attractive Costa Brava

The hidden beauties of Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a typical, classic Spanish coast, one that attracts the attention of tourists with its unique air and with its diversity. You will find it in Girona, covering 5,800 square meters with picturesque landscapes, golden, delicate beaches and crystal clear waters. Continue reading The Attractive Costa Brava

Amazing Holidays In Cadiz

The wonderful holiday destination

Cadiz was founded by the Phoenicians around the year 1100 BC, so it represents one of the oldest settlements that Spain has. Since the Phoenicians founded Cadiz, the city also played the role of an important port and it still is one of the busiest and productive that Spain has. Continue reading Amazing Holidays In Cadiz

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