Spectacular Museums In Barcelona

The Miro Foundation

This foundation was actually a gift for Barcelona received from the famous Joan Miro, who wanted to give his birth city something to remember him: an exquisite collection of contemporary art. Continue reading Spectacular Museums In Barcelona

Parks For Tourists In Madrid

Spectacular attractions in Madrid

The beautiful capital of Spain is one of the most attractive cities you have ever visited. The city has hundreds and hundreds of attractions, but the parks occupy a very important place on the list as they represent the place where the tourists go to relax, running away from the agitation of the city. Continue reading Parks For Tourists In Madrid

Nightlife In Spain

A beautiful and lively country

The millions of tourists who visit Spain every year choose the country for their holiday destination attracted by its diversity; Spain really is the type of country that fits the tastes of any type of tourist. Continue reading Nightlife In Spain

Going To The Beach In Valencia

The diverse city

Who says that if you choose Valencia as a destination for your holiday, you do not have the chance to relax on a beautiful, sandy beach? This surely is not the case in Valencia because this is one of the Spanish cities that offer a much diversified range of entertainment activities and going to the beach is definitely one of them. Continue reading Going To The Beach In Valencia

Fantastic Parks In Barcelona

The spectacular Park Guell

The Guell Park is the work of the great modernist Antoni Gaudi; its aspect helped the park to be designated a World Heritage by the UNESCO. However, the park raises a series of comments and problems because some simply do not admire the architectural genius of Antoni Gaudi. Continue reading Fantastic Parks In Barcelona

Barcelona And Its Beautiful Theatres

Theatre in Barcelona

It is true that Barcelona is not as famous as Madrid when it concerns theatres, but this does not mean that it has no theatre life. Some of the plays you can see on the stages of Barcelona are of great importance. Continue reading Barcelona And Its Beautiful Theatres

Barcelona And Its Beaches

A wonderful place to spend some relaxing time

Barcelona is the city that hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and it is this event that determined the local authorities to clean the area around the city and all its beaches in order to transform them into big attractions for tourists. Continue reading Barcelona And Its Beaches

A Madrid History Lesson

The Medieval Madrid

Madrid is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world; it is also a city with a very rich history, which attracts millions of people from all the corners of the Globe. The medieval Madrid dates back to the 14th and the 15th centuries; Continue reading A Madrid History Lesson

A Lesson In History In Seville

The classic Seville

Those who visit Seville and are interested in learning as much as possible about its history will find out the fact that the history of the city is very closely connected to the Guadalquivir River. The city was originally a river port and a very important one as it helped the link between Andalusia and the Atlantic Ocean. Continue reading A Lesson In History In Seville

A History Lesson In Valencia

The beautiful city of Valencia

Valencia is the third city in dimension in Spain but it is one of the most popular among tourists from all the corners of the world. Millions of people choose to visit Valencia during one of their holidays because they are all attracted by the beauty of this amazing city and by its spectacular history. Continue reading A History Lesson In Valencia

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