Visiting Spain From Madrid To Consuegra

Spain, a lovely country

It is amazing what kind of feeling you get when your holiday starts and you find yourself in a place that you’ve always dreamt about. Because you are in pleasant company, surrounded by a beautiful landscape and welcoming people, your batteries get recharged after becoming overused in your hectic day to day life. Continue reading Visiting Spain From Madrid To Consuegra

Visiting Sepulveda

A holiday in Spain

What can be more relaxing than a well-deserved holiday after a long, stressful year spent in a crowded city? When summer comes, everyone rushes from one travel agency to another in a desperate search for the perfect holiday destination. Continue reading Visiting Sepulveda

Spending Time Around Valencia

What tourists expect

There always was and there always will be a special group of tourists who want to spend a very entertaining holiday with a very wide range of activities. Well, if you choose Valencia, you definitely can erase the word ‘’boredom’’ from your vocabulary. Continue reading Spending Time Around Valencia

Spending Quality Time In Segovia

A few interesting things about Segovia

Segovia is one of the many Spanish medieval towns, surely standing among those which are very popular and beautiful as well as attractive. If you have never seen Segovia, imagine an austere but noble city having its gates opened for anyone who wants to spend a relaxing and educational holiday. Continue reading Spending Quality Time In Segovia

Spanish Holidays In Leon

The wonders of Leon

Leon is one of those Spanish cities that manage to steal the heart of those who decide to visit them. The city easily does that with its beauty, so if you ever decide to visit it, prepare to fall in love. The list of places which are absolutely wonders is impressive. Continue reading Spanish Holidays In Leon

Spain Most Important Museums

A country for all

Spain is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world and one of the few that can fit any type of tastes. It is almost impossible not to find something to attract you in Spain: whether you like the mountain or the sea, the modern cities where you can have a lot of fun or the tranquil traditional villages where tourists can relax away from the hustle and the bustle of civilization, you will definitely find everything in this country. Continue reading Spain Most Important Museums

Renting And Holidaying In Alicante

A holiday in Alicante

It is not difficult to understand why so many people choose Alicante for their holiday every single year: it is a place where you can relax in a laid back atmosphere and have a lot of fun without worrying that boredom can affect you in any way. Continue reading Renting And Holidaying In Alicante

Quality Time In Santiogo De Compostela

A few details about the city

Santiago de Compostela represents one of the major attractions of the beautiful European country Spain. The atmosphere of the city is a remarkable one, probably due to the fact that it has a major role in a religious procession that attracts pilgrims from all the corners of the world. Continue reading Quality Time In Santiogo De Compostela

Madrid Geography And History

A special country

Europe is one of the most interesting continents, one that has always attracted tourists due to its amazing heritage. Among the European countries, Spain is a special one: it is an amazing place on the earth, a country where a tourist can find anything starting with diverse landscapes, continuing with spectacular cities and villages and finishing with absolutely fantastic customs and traditions. Continue reading Madrid Geography And History

Madrid And Its Day Trips

The capital of Spain

It is very easy to understand why Madrid is the capital of Spain: besides being a city with a very rich historical, cultural and archaeological heritage, its location allows tourists to choose from a very long list of day trips. Continue reading Madrid And Its Day Trips

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