Going To Pamplona

Spain- the amazing country

It is not difficult to understand why Spain is such a visited country and a popular one too; the country is so beautiful, full of breathtaking landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and traditional villages that tourists fall in love time and again. Continue reading Going To Pamplona

The Province Of Huelva

When you set foot on the streets of Huelva, the first thing you see is the huge port surrounded on all sides by the industrial area. Huelva is an industrial province and most of its revenue is achieved in the city.  However, its Costa de Luz is a wonderful attraction and place where you can spend long lazy days on the beach and have a relaxing drink in any of the many beach bars. Continue reading The Province Of Huelva

Choosing Aragon As A Holiday Destination

The beautiful region of Aragon

The autonomous community of Aragon is located in the northeast of Spain and comprises three provinces; Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca. Separated from France by the magnificent Pyrenean mountain range, this is an ideal holiday destination for relaxing in a region of outstanding natural beauty. Continue reading Choosing Aragon As A Holiday Destination

Holidays In El Toyo

Spain is a country in Europe which is visited by millions of tourists from all the parts of the globe; every year, people choose Spain as their holiday destination because it is a place that meets the requirements of any type of tourist: national parks with lush vegetation for those who love nature, high mountain peaks covered with snow all year long, warm seawaters and calm beaches in the seaside resorts, cosmopolitan cities and amazing villages that struggle to keep the customs and the traditions of the country alive. Continue reading Holidays In El Toyo

Holiday Parks On Costa Del Sol

Spain is a great country to spend your holiday, a place where you can find something to do no matter what your taste. The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular locations and a fantastic place to spend your holiday with your family. Why is it such a great place for your children? Because the Costa del Sol has many beautiful parks which they will definitely enjoy, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy them also. Continue reading Holiday Parks On Costa Del Sol

Cadiz: The Silver Jewel

Wonderful places in Spain

You are probably aware that Spain is a very beautiful country and you’ve heard so much about it, that you are planning to visit it. You made the right choice, because the experience you are going to have in Spain is unbelievable. Since you want your holiday to be perfect, I recommend Cadiz. Everything is spectacular in Cadiz and is an ideal location for your holiday. Continue reading Cadiz: The Silver Jewel

Going On Holiday On The Almeria Coast

Those people who have already taken a holiday in Spain know that the country is one of the most beautiful in the world. It has so many places to offer, with so many cities and villages to visit, as well as beaches and mountainous national parks, that it is absolutely impossible to get bored. The Almeria Coast is one of the most beautiful and scenic regions in Spain. The 217 kilometers of coastline are hosted by the province of Andalusia, occupying the entire southeast of the province. Continue reading Going On Holiday On The Almeria Coast

Funny And Messy Festivals

Spain is world renowned for its festivals and people from all the corners of the world come to visit it, attracted by the colorful costumes of the participants and the experience of connecting with the customs and the traditions of this amazing country. La Tomatina is one of the most famous Spanish festivals and also the messiest. The small town of Bunol gets packed with tourists and the 9,000 inhabitants turn into 40,000 over night. Continue reading Funny And Messy Festivals

Costa Del Sol And Its Resorts

If you are looking for a famous holiday destination, go to Spain; this beautiful country has a variety tourist destinations and one of the most popular is the Costa del Sol. The 800 kilometer coastline in the south of Spain is absolutely spectacular; with clean golden beaches and the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean. Exquisite beach resorts and a series of lively and romantic cities await you. Continue reading Costa Del Sol And Its Resorts

Bullfighting: Cruelty Or Art?

Spain is synonymous with passionate flamenco, amazing beaches, high mountain peaks, Antoni Gaudi, cosmopolitan cities and traditional villages, but most of all it is renowned for its bullfighting. Attracting millions of visitors every year, bullfighting for some is popular and charismatic; for others it is barbaric and cruel. This controversial art is becoming less patronized by the younger Spanish generation and international visitors because of the controversy surrounding it; but is that right? Continue reading Bullfighting: Cruelty Or Art?

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