Places of Interest in Spain – Seville

A tourist plans his tour expecting beautiful weather with beautiful nature, great monuments, imposing buildings, clean and tidy beach so that he can make his tour memorable. Seville is the only place in Europe which meets all the expectations of the tourist. Continue reading Places of Interest in Spain – Seville

Places of interest in Spain – The Sierra Nevada

There is a paradise on earth and that is Spain. With these words it does not need further explanation to say how beautiful the place is. Nature is spread in all her colors and glory throughout Spain. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – The Sierra Nevada

Places of Interest in Spain – Costa de la Luz

When you visit Spain, make it a point to visit Costa de la Luz and be sure that you will be amazed by its stunning beauty. In English language, Costa de la Luz means ‘coast of light’. The coast is now becoming more and more popular amongst foreign tourists, particularly tourists from France and Germany. Continue reading Places of Interest in Spain – Costa de la Luz

Places of Interest in Spain – Castile/La Mancha

La Mancha or Castile is an autonomous community of five cities. The cities coming under La Mancha are Toledo, Cuenca, Cludad Real, Guadalajara and Albacete. Each of these communities is popular amongst tourists because it is already in the list of frequently visited places in Spain. Now let us visit each of these cities. Continue reading Places of Interest in Spain – Castile/La Mancha

Important National Parks in Spain

Spain offers a variety of entertainment to the tourist. There are beautiful beaches where he can relax in the midst of nature. There are also tall Mountains where the tourist can enjoy the beautiful nature around. Continue reading Important National Parks in Spain



The municipal village Vilaflor is located on Tenerife Island which is one of the Canary Islands and is a part of the province – Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The meaning of the Spanish word Vilaflor is “Village of Flowers”. It is situated at an altitude of 1500 M and is Tenerife’s highest village. Continue reading Vilaflor

Velez Malaga


The municipal town, Velez Malaga is the capital of the district Axarquia which is situated in the Malaga province in the Andalusia autonomous region of Spain. This is in the region Costa del Sol and is known as Valez locally. This is the largest town in this region and is the center for administration in Axarquia.  It is situated in the Rio Velez river valley and there are tropical vegetations around it. The population in this town is 60,000 and it is the fastest growing Andalusia town.


There are traces of presence of humans during prehistoric days. However, mention has been made in history where it is linked to the 8th century BC Phoenician colony. Romans also had settlements where they produced garum.Moors founded Vélez-Málaga after the conquest of Spain. During the 13th-14th centuries, it was one of the important cities of Granada kingdom.


The average temperatures in a year are as follows:

Maximum – 25 °C in the months of July-August
Minimum – 12 °C in January-February

Art and Culture

1.The 13th century Moorish castle – is in the town’s oldest district Arrabal de San Sebastián and is situated on a hill top. The main tower was built for guarding the town and is still in good shape. There are very good sceneries in the countryside that surrounds the castle.

2.San Marcos Hospital – was founded in 1487 by Catholic Monarchs.

3.4 convents and monasteries – are of artistic value and these are Santa Clara, Las Carmelitas, San Francisco and Sant José.

4.Santa María la Mayor Church – is a 16th century church constructed in Mudejar style.

5.Marquise of Beniel Palace – located in the San Sebastián area is constructed in Mudejar style and its ceiling is magnificent. This is at present used as a municipal building.

6.San Juan Bautista Church – is a 15th century church built in Mudejar style.

Sports and Entertainment

The theatre – Teatro Del Carmen is modern and is in the city center. A number of performance programs are held here – classical and traditional music concerts, dance – traditional and contemporary styles and reading literature. Further regular exhibitions are held in the city. There is a cinema hall in the shopping complex where English films are shown.

The economy of this town is strengthened by agricultural produce – strawberries, vines, sugar cane, olives, etc. The Malaga wine produced here is sweet and is one of the most popular wines in the world.

Valle Hermoso – Isla Gomera


The municipal town Vallehermoso is in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife province in Spain. This is situated in the Canary Islands and had a population of 3142 in 2007. The altitude of this city above sea level is 230 feet. This town is the 2nd largest municipality in this area. It is linked to the main highway which again is connected to all parts of this town. Continue reading Valle Hermoso – Isla Gomera

Torremolinos – Malaga


The municipal town, Torremolinos is located on the Costa del Sol in the Mediterranean. This is situated in the Malaga province in Andalusia autonomous region in southern Spain. This was a very poor fishing village; however the advent of tourism in the 1950s has transformed it totally. It was the first to develop in the Costa del Sol resorts. This city has a large population of British expatriates and is highly popular with British citizens. Continue reading Torremolinos – Malaga

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands form an archipelago on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Majorca is the largest of three islands. In the last 30 years it has become the archetype of sun-sea-sangria. The Islands are preferred by tourists from northern Europe, partly because the southern coast is built to a large extent and is full of hotels and apartments. Continue reading Balearic Islands

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