The town of Toledo in Spain

Toledo is rich in places of interest for a tourist. In fact Toledo is one of the most preferred places for visit among tourists. Let us go round this town and see for ourselves how interesting these places are:

Castillo de San Servando:

This castle is located near the famous river ‘Tagus’. The castle is believed to have been constructed during the medieval period. According to historians till the year 1088, this structure was a monastery. In the year 1091, the Christian army conquered the city. Continue reading The town of Toledo in Spain

Places of interest in Spain

Spain is a place which is blessed by many civilizations. The Romans, the Moors, the Gothic, Celts, Christians are some of the major civilizations which ruled Spain. On the other hand, these civilizations left behind them indelible cultural traits and immaculately beautiful monuments. The government of Spain has left no stone unturned to preserve these monumental structures which has come as a blessing for Spain; because now Spain tops in the tourist map. It is the first preferred destination among many tourists world over. As a matter of fact, no other country in Europe is as rich as Spain in the places of interest for tourists. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain

Places of interest in Spain – Toledo

Toledo is a town administered by a municipality and is about 70 kms from Madrid. In fact, Toledo is politically administered by the Province of Madrid. Toledo is popular amongst tourists because of the many heritage buildings that can be found there. Many of the buildings have been declared as world heritage sites by the UNESCO. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Toledo

Places of interest in Spain – Navarre

Navarre is located in the North of Spain. It is a part of the Basque province and it is popular for its natural beauty. This region has a history of its own and it is influenced by various civilizations. According to historians, Navarre was inhabited by people who belonged to Vascones culture. That was prior to Romans occupying this city. After initial defeat, Romans managed to take over the city from Vascones. This was followed by Moors and later Christians took over the city. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Navarre

Places of interest in Spain – Lanzarote

This fourth largest island is a part of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Lanzarote covers an area of about 849 sq. kms. According to historians, this island is of volcanic origin. Many kinds of Flora and Fauna are grown here. The island has the best climate; the day temperature is about 21 degree Centigrade. Many tourists flock to this island because of its climate and it offers complete privacy. There has been a steady increase in the number of visitors to this island. Places of interest in Lanzarote are briefly mentioned here: Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Lanzarote

Canary Islands – the Precious jewel of Spain

Canary Islands is an immaculately beautiful place in Europe. It is a prized possession of Spain, a Jewel on the tourist map of Spain. The very fact that on an average about 12 million people visit this island each year, emphatically highlights the beauty of this Island. Actually Canary Islands is a group of Islands. The other islands which come under the Canary Islands group are Alegranza, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, Lanzarote, Tenerife,  La Gomera, Gran Canaria, La Palma,  La Graciosa, and Montaña Clara. Continue reading Canary Islands – the Precious jewel of Spain

Attractions in Granada


Alhambra is the most visited place in Granada. It is made by The Moors.T
he most attractive place in Alhambra, is Courtyard Myrtle (Patio de Comares). It has a pool from which water constantly flows. With numerous rooms, doors, it reminds of a real labyrinth of dizziness. At any point, you can see some rosy towers above your head and you can also hear the pleasant sound of water. Continue reading Attractions in Granada


About the city

Almeria (Almeria) is a city in the province of Andalusia, southern Spain. It is placed between the famous town of Malaga and Cartagena. It had a turbulent history. Furthermore, its name derives from the Arabic word Almeraja (Al-Meraya). The city was founded in 955 by the Phoenicians. However, during the reign of Abd al-Rahman III, it became the main port of his Caliphate. Later it was occupied by the Carthaginians, Romans, and Moors, before the Christian army conquered this place in the 15 century. Continue reading Almeria

Playa de las Americas


The holiday resort, Playa de las Américas is situated between the municipalities of Arona and Adeje and is in south Tenerife which is a part of Canary Islands. This resort was constructed by the side of the town, Los Cristianos in the 1960s. You can find nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other attractions in this place. Continue reading Playa de las Americas



The city, Pamplona is the capital of the autonomous region Navarra and is in the Pamplona valley center. This has a number of crossroads and entry points for going to Europe and is one of the largest green cities in Europe. Continue reading Pamplona

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