Proper Documentation for Travelling Spain

Traveling to Spain could be exciting and wonderful experience. In addition to planning your stay in Spain or getting beach ready, you need to get prepared for providing proper documentation. Preparing yourself to obtain all the documents that you would need in Spain will facilitate your visit and will end up in creating much more time that you can avail for fun.

After deciding your itinerary, the last thing that you would want to is your trip getting derailed because of the lack of some document such as photo ID or a valid passport. All non-Spanish citizens need to obtain some documents so that they can gain entry inside the country and spend a quality time there. Continue reading Proper Documentation for Travelling Spain

Spain: A Delight for Naturists

The people of Spain have an extra ordinary relaxed approach towards nudity over their beaches, keeping in mind    that the Spain is a staunch Catholic country. According to a number of travelers to Spain, the place is paradoxical and popularity of nude beaches is still increasing. The society of Spain has considerably lowered its inhibitions and people are given freedom to express themselves or make them feel comfortable.

Nude beaches of Spain do not only attract Naturists but the place is heaven for swim-wear wearers also. Playa de Tejita in Spain is known for its long sandy beaches along the south coast in Tenerife. The place is a major attraction for naturists (nudists). Playa de Tejita is highly reputed nude beach and those interested in naked swimming and naked sunbathing find this place really attractive. Continue reading Spain: A Delight for Naturists

Deciding upon a perfect getaway to Spain

Making a Mediterranean holiday itinerary could be a mind-boggling task. While planning Spanish holiday, the sun-scorched beaches of southern Spain coasts conjures up the images of a sizzling summer heat. The three cities of the Valencia, Barcelona and Malaga, all sit auspiciously at the periphery of Mediterranean Sea and all of these are quite popular tourist cities. Although, in Spain you have a variety of destination from which you can choose, each of these cities cater to different taste and aura.


Barcelona is the largest of all these three cities and is most likely the first destination over the Mediterranean coast that anyone would prefer to choose. The average maximum temperature of Barcelona stays around 28°C during summers and 13° conditions during winters. This accounts for a comfortable year-round weather. Continue reading Deciding upon a perfect getaway to Spain

Make Wonderful Memories with Your Family in Madrid

Madrid is considered a family-friendly destination for holidays. The place has got just about everything from renowned museums to zoos, to hot tourist destinations and some great amusement parks. Each place in Madrid is good enough to add thrill in your family holiday experience. Rail Europe also offers some great offers which can help in making your Madrid trip a truly enjoyable one.

Wide range of passes are available from which you can select the one which suits best and explore even more of Spain then you would have thought . Below is a guide to you memory making activities that you can perform with your family in Madrid. All these activities have been proven to be the favorites of both Children and adults. Continue reading Make Wonderful Memories with Your Family in Madrid

The best of Costa Brava

Costa Brava literally means “wild coast” and similar to its name its territory is known for its craggy shoreline in Barcelona. The little beaches here backed by some eroded cliffs bestows immense amount of beauty and charm that can attract just about anybody that is here for holidays. Spain is a popular destination for travel and holidays and it’s natural that some of its beaches and holiday destinations remain overcrowded but indeed there are some better-known beaches and spots that are undoubtedly an inviting alternative for divers, families, golfers and others who are looking for some peace of mind in secluded beaches that are hidden under the cliffs.

Spain’s Costa Brava is not just known for its natural beauty, it is also a cultural center that has strong associations with artists such as Marc Chagall, Picasso and Salvador Dalí. Tossa de Mar is considered the prettiest town in Costa Brava that is mainly known for its white houses and narrow streets that are still encircled by 12th century walls and towers. Continue reading The best of Costa Brava

Murcia – Displaying Cultural Richness Away from the Coast

Murcia is a thriving university town that perches over the bank of the River Segura and is surrounded by fertile plains from all sides. Murcia is also the regional capital of Valencia. The area was founded by the Moors way back in 825 and therefore the area can proudly boast of a truly impressive Moorish heritage and architecture that is quaint Arab style. The crystalline beaches of Costa del Sol and the Benidorm resorts makes Murcia an ideal spot for a day trip where one can sample the cultural richness of Spain away from the coast.

The main attraction of Murcia is its glorious architecture and it would be ideal to start your day here by strolling in the pedestrian streets. This area is surrounded by the main square which dates back to 18th century, the La Glorieta. Continue reading Murcia – Displaying Cultural Richness Away from the Coast

Economize Your Spanish Holidays

Spain is one of the top of most destinations for holidays but the very idea may cost you a lot. However, there is still a possibility of traveling Spain at bargain if you’re smart enough. Spain had previously been a cheap country to visit in Western Europe. After it joined European Union, its economy boomed. This directly affected travelers, especially those from America for whom dollar weakened against Euro. But there are ways by which you can economize your vacation in Spain.

The first way off cutting heavily on your expenses will be looking for a proper accommodation. Do not look for hotel as they are very costly and they also charge you with heavy taxes. There are a large number of Villa owners in Spain who rent different sections/rooms of the villas at much fair rates and they also allow you to access the kitchen where you can cook your own food. Continue reading Economize Your Spanish Holidays

Best that Spain has to offer for kids

Spain has the clout to appeal the child inside every person, so how is it possible that it does not enchant children? The People of Spain find pleasure and delight in the most simple activities – having a chilly glass of horchata while sitting in a small café, watching children play outdoor games such us soccer,  walking leisurely in a park – enjoyment of life for Spanish people is contagious for people of all ages. Most of the places in Spain have something or other to make children happy, but some of the spots are certain kid-pleasers.

Barcelona: The crazy buildings of Barcelona that have been made by Gaudi on Paseig del Gracia includes the famous Casa Batllo. The balconies of this building are made in the shape of skulls and the roof pictorizes a dragon’s scales. Casa Mila also interest kids with its wavy façade that is draped with balconies made of wrought-iron seaweeds. The motivation for Darth Vader has emerged from its chimneys, thus touring the roof and inside is quite important. Continue reading Best that Spain has to offer for kids

Backpacking Vacations in Spain

One of the preeminent ways in which the diverse culture and its history of Spain could be discovered is by availing a backpacking vacation. The advantages of going for backpacking vacation are worth consideration. Not only it allows travelers to discover sights and towns that are off the beaten path but it is also budget friendly.

There are basically four different regions in Spain where backpacking vacation will allow you to explore and at the same time facilitate leisure. Before deciding to go for a backpacking vacation it is important that you consider the time frame for travel. Spain is indeed a very big country and in order to absorb the most out of your vacation, you have to decide in advance about how long you stay in each region is going to be. Continue reading Backpacking Vacations in Spain

Alicante: Most preferred Spain Destination

Alicante is the city that is located on the Spain’s Southeastern coast and boasts of being one of the most frequently visited place that is present on the Mediterranean’s Costa Blanca. Visitors from all over the world, come for holidays in this part of Spain in order to travel and explore the famous stretches of Sandy Beaches and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that Alicante holds.


Being the 8th largest metropolitan of Spain, the city contains more than 300,000 citizens. The main language that are spoken here are Valencian and Spanish, but German, English and French are also widely understood and spoken here. Alicante has quite a temperate climate but it also receives rainfall during the month of November for a brief period. Continue reading Alicante: Most preferred Spain Destination

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