Places of interest in Spain – Ourense

The province Ourense is to the North West of Spain. Like most of the other cities of Spain, Ourense also has a long history dating back to the 5th Century. Historians say that this city was also under the rule of Roman kings. This province receives good rainfall and so it is rich in vegetation. The town overlooks one of the greatest rivers of Spain Minho. Like other places in Spain, there are many places which are of interest in Ourense.

Interestingly, the city of Ourense is divided into three parts depending on the period to which they belong like medieval period, those built in 19th century and those built thereafter. Places of interest in Ourense are discussed here:

Cathedral: According to archeologists’ estimate, this cathedral was built during the 13th century. There is a combination of both Gothic architecture as well as Romanesque architecture. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Ourense

Places of interest in Spain – Marbella

Spain has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. Marbella which is one of the cities in the province of Andalusia has one such beach. It is actually located on the Costa del Sol. It is the destination for many tourists from European countries. Just a visit will convince you.

What are the places of interest?

Board walk:

This board walk which stretches along the beach to a total distance of about 6 kilometers is one of the places relished by every tourist. It is just a walking place; as it runs along the beach it provides a spectacular view of the beach as one walks along. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Marbella

Places of interest in Spain – Salou

If you want to spend your holiday in a quiet environment and also keep yourself busy with entertainment, sports, etc., then a piece of advice; just stay in Salou for a couple of days. You will really enjoy it. It is a storehouse of various entertainments and sports. Salou is the most famous tourist resort in Catalonia province of the Costa Dorada.

This place is stunningly rich in natural beauty. Ancient rocky coves and the stunningly rich landscape make Salou the most preferred tourist place for those who want to spend their holiday on the beach. Even if you visit for a day, you will certainly extend your stay by at least three days – that is Salou.

What is so unique about Salou?

Theme park:

Salou is proud of its biggest theme park. This theme park has five divisions like China, Mexico, Polynesia, Far East and the Mediterranean. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Salou

Places of interest in Spain – Cantabria

Cantabria is normally the choice of most of the tourists who want to escape the heat of summer. Located near the town of Asturian, this town is placed at a most advantageous position in between Cordilera Mountain and the Bay of Basque in the Costa Vasca and the Costa Verde. According to historians, this region was under the control of Romans and Moors. During this period, many castles and churches were built and most of these structures are preserved and they are the star attractions for those who visit this city. Due to its geographic location, this town is at the pinnacle of its natural beauty.

Places of interest in Cantabria:

Santa Maria Church:

This church is believed to have been built by a Christian community living in Moslem, Spain. Therefore architecture used in building this Church is called as Mozarab architecture. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Cantabria

Places of interest in Spain – Asturias

Do you want to stay just on the beach in the midst of the great Cantabrian Sea and a vast forest? Then just visit Asturias located on the northern coast of Spain. This is a town known for its impressive natural beauty. A place where one can enjoy the holiday in a quiet atmosphere. It is not just spending your time on the sea; there are many places to see in Asturias. Just a brief introduction to some of the most important places in this town:

Brief history of Asturias:

This kingdom town has its history from the medieval ages. Originally, the town consisted of tribal people. Then it was the Roman Empire who ruled this town. Continue reading Places of interest in Spain – Asturias

Clubvillamar in Mallorca

If you want to holiday, spending your leisure time under the sun and on the beach and in the surroundings of spectacular natural sceneries, your first choice will be Mallorca, Spain. This Balearic island of Spain is most popular amongst those who love water sports. It is not just the beach; there is a church believed to have been built in the 13th Century, Cathedral, big park and beautiful villas.

The question is where to stay. There are many villas and the visitor would certainly find it difficult to make the best choice of the villa where he could be assured of a comfortable stay. But the choice will be quite easy and simpler if you look to Clubvillamar.

Clubvillamar, a seal of quality:

This is true. Clubvillamar has almost 40 villas listed with it in Mallorca, where the tourist is assured of a comfortable stay. The villas listed on Clubvillamar website will in fact provide the facilities claimed by the villa. Continue reading Clubvillamar in Mallorca

Clubvillamar the ideal way to book your accommodation in Spain

We go on holiday to enjoy, forget the busy office schedule, stay with family or friends, relax, rejuvenate and come back home fresh and full of vigor. But planning a holiday trip is really a tiresome job. Having selected the place, a lot more needs to be done. You must know what the places to be seen are and whether those places really interest you and your family. The facility available in the place is the next question to be answered.

Where to stay and facilities available in the hotel and the cost of your stay should also be considered. There could be a language barrier. Along with all this is the cost which should also be carefully analyzed before you plan your holiday. Any missing link in this arrangement could put you in an embarrassing situation. This spade work which needs to be done may frighten you and you may even have second thoughts about your proposed trip.

Do not worry about it:

Clubvillamar are people who are highly professional in arranging your holiday. Everything is arranged for you. Continue reading Clubvillamar the ideal way to book your accommodation in Spain

Clubvillamar in Madrid

Madrid, the Capital of Spain is the most popular place amongst those who want to go on vacation. This most splendid place has many things to offer the tourist. There is so much to see in Madrid that normally visitors prefer to walk along the city so that they do not miss any of the places. Every place of visit is important and it is unique. The historic churches, the world famous museum Museo Nacinal del Prado, castles and what not. But the question is where to stay. There is so much to see that you really find it difficult to list your itinerary and it is equally difficult to choose the right accommodation.

Take the help of Clubvillamar:

This unique organization arranges for the accommodation of visitors in Madrid. The accommodation is arranged in villas or apartments and even in hotels. The rental of accommodation provided through Clubvillamar is quite reasonable compared to the luxury one gets in these villas. Every villa listed on Clubvillamar website is guaranteed for its luxury. Continue reading Clubvillamar in Madrid

Clubvillamar in Denia

Are you the one who wants to go to a remote corner and stay calm, cool and lazy and yet busy? Then your preference must be the northern end of Costa Blanca, the ‘Denia’. This village which has a history dating as old as fourth century BC is actually named after the Goddess revered by Romans namely ‘Denia’. This village is located in the midst of mountains and the vast beach. The most stunning beauty of nature is available in this old village. The famous fish market is in Denia. Many types of water sports are available in Denia.

But none of these can be enjoyed unless there is a quiet and comfortable place to stay. A villa or an apartment is a must. Clubvillamar has many villas and apartments in this beautiful village that are listed on its website.

Advantage of booking the accommodation through Clubvillamar:

The person booking the accommodation will not know about the facilities available in the villas. Although the villas provide the details of accommodation including the facilities available, he will not be sure whether the facilities shown on the website of the villa are really available. Continue reading Clubvillamar in Denia

Clubvillamar in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a heaven on earth. A tour to Costa Brava will convince you. Unless you are familiar with Costa Brava, it would be certainly difficult for you to plan your visit. Costa Brava is a seashoretown  spread over hundreds of miles and many towns and villages are dotted along its vast coastline. Each of these towns and villages has many places of interest and it is certainly a difficult job to program your vacation.


They are a professional organization engaged in providing villas and arranging for your tour. They arrange for your most comfortable stay in Costa Brava. They help you to plan your itinerary. They have villas to suit every touring group. Be it your honeymoon trip or trip with your family and kids or a group of friends merry making, they have villas ready to accommodate. Continue reading Clubvillamar in Costa Brava

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