Villas Benissa

Next time you visit Spain; do not forget to visit Benissa. Once you visit this place, you will surely fall in love with this place with the stunning beauty of nature, the sea, mountains, historical buildings and breathtaking valleys with pure water flowing down. There are many villas to welcome you to this beautiful city.

Villa Casa Tarantella:

This villa is strategically located in the midst of the cities of Calpe, Benissa and Altea. The nearest place from the villa is Benissa. It is perfectly positioned for a clear view of Pedramala Mountain, the Mediterranean Sea, the vast stretch of beautiful shore and the city of Benissa. Very recently the villa has been renovated to meet high standards of luxury. This four bedroom villa with three bathrooms is generously furnished and decorated with beautiful curtains and other upholstery and is equipped for seven sleeps. Continue reading Villas Benissa

Villas Begur

The town of Begur in Spain is very rich in the number of beaches coming under its fold. SaTuna, Aiquafreda, Fonda, Riera are some of the most popular beaches coming under the fold of Begur. Although Begur is a small town, by popularity it has occupied the first position. This is because of its spectacular natural beauty. Otherwise a quiet town, it bursts into business during holiday season. Some of the villas in this small town are briefly mentioned here:

Villa Sa Nau Perduda:

This is a 3 bedroom villa with 2 bathrooms and sleeps for 6. With a rental of Pounds 700 to 1200 per week, the villa is next to the medieval town which has many popular restaurants, bars and popular shops selling both modern and traditional local products. Ses Negres, a marine reserve is just about 2 minutes walking distance from the villa. Located in a dominant position for a spectacular view of the sea and the rows of mountains, the villa is perfectly furnished to taste. The one double bedroom and two twin bedrooms and bathrooms have all the utilities. Kitchen is fully geared to start cooking. All the bedrooms have balconies for relaxing. Continue reading Villas Begur

Villa Tossa de mar

Tossa de mar does not need any introduction; the very fact that many of the Hollywood movies are shot in this city and on the beach near the city of Tossa de mar itself emphatically underlines what is in store in this city. It also has many historic churches and castles. This medieval town is also the home for some of the best shopping malls and restaurants. Ah! One of the most interesting facts about this city is: here the police use bicycles to patrol the city. It is also the home for many of the renowned villas.

Casa Carina:

This four bedroom villa with eight sleeps is located on the top of the hill and is undoubtedly the perfect location for an imposing view of the sea and the nature around. Two bedrooms are on the ground floor and two are on the upper floor. There are two bathrooms; one on each floor. The dining room and living room are ideal for eight persons. Continue reading Villa Tossa de mar

Villa Pineda de mar

This small town of Pineda de mar has many buildings of historical value. Some of the buildings are said to have been built during the 17th and 19th century. Some buildings even have reference to the Roman Empire. The town is located in between the Calella and Santa Susanna beach. There are also arches which are said to have been built by the Roman Empire. The places around the town are known for their stunning beauty. It is certainly a pleasure to stay in the villas which are located in the midst of this beautiful environment.

Villa Cal Capita:

This 6 bedroom villa with 5 bathrooms and 18 sleeps is built on an area of about 400 sq meters. It is located at a quiet place, free from the busy roads and the city traffic jams. Go to the roof to have a wonderful view of the beautiful green mountains on one side and the imposing view of the sea on the other side. The entire villa including the bedrooms and bathrooms are furnished to taste. The kitchen is equipped with some of the traditional utensils. Continue reading Villa Pineda de mar

Villa Javea

‘Javea’ is also called the jewel of Costa Blanca. This village of Javea is also popular for its traditional houses, churches having long history, many monuments of historic value and a beautiful view which cannot be explained in words; it is stunningly beautiful. The view in Javea is so beautiful; perhaps it can be called the heaven on earth. That is this village ‘Javea’. It is no surprise that this place is frequented by tourists and to welcome the tourists, there are many villas.

Villa Tosca:

This four bed room villa with three bathrooms is located in one of the prestigious locations in Javea. The villa is quite spacious with eight sleeps. Luxuriously furnished which choicest curtains and carpets, it is a pleasure to live in this villa. Ground floor has two bedrooms with bathrooms and first floor has one double bedroom and en suite bathroom. One more double bedroom with kitchen and utility are in the abutting building. The kitchen is fully equipped. The balcony furnished villaand terrace are ideally suited to have a view of the splendid nature. The beach is just about five minutes drive. Continue reading Villa Javea

Villa Calonge

Costa Brava houses many renowned beaches along its length and breadth on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Costa Brava is so ideally located that nature has showered this beach with all her magnificent natural splendors. The imposing beach is on one side, running parallel is the row of mountains and in between are many towns. Calonge is one such city which is located at a distance of about 3 kms from Costa Brava. The place also houses many historical places of interest to the tourists. The people of Calonge value their tradition. Some of the villas in this beautiful city of Calonge are mentioned here:

Villa Gold:

This four bedroom villa, true to its name, is really gold. Splendid in appearance, luxurious in experience and built on an area of about 140 sq meters, it is the most ideal place for a comfortable holiday tour. The villa has 12 sleeps with two bathrooms and a kitchen which are fully equipped. There is a dining room and a living room and the entire villa is fully furnished. Continue reading Villa Calonge

Villa Blanes

This small town Blanes is a wonderful place for nature lovers. S’ Abanell beach is a prized possession of Blanes. This beach is known for its imposing view of nature. The blue water of the sea is perfectly synonymous to the blue sky. The beach of Blanes is known for its numerous cliffs. There are many villas on this famous beach. Some of the villas are:

Villa El Masou:

This two bedroom villa with 6 sleeps has two bedrooms and there are two bathrooms with WC which have access through the bedrooms. There is a fully equipped open kitchen. The villa has provision for room heater and also air conditioner. The living room and the dining room are perfectly furnished. The villa is just 200 meters from the beach. The nearest shopping area is just 50 meters away. Continue reading Villa Blanes

Villa Benissa

Want to see the ultimate beauty of nature? Just visit Benissa in Spain. This town situated on the northern side of Alicante province is on the seashore of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by tall mountains. The wide valleys and white sand have all added charm to the already beautiful Benissa. The Government of Spain has worked hard to restore the historical characteristics of the township, the marvelous buildings, etc. Many villas have come up in Benissa to add comfort for the tourist.

Casa Albatros:

This is a spacious villa with three bedrooms of which one is a double bedroom, one En suite and one with two twin beds. The living room can accommodate four persons and dining room can accommodate six persons. The kitchen is equipped with microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, glassware and other required utensils, cutlery and crockery, etc. The villa offers a quiet stay in a luxurious environment. The beach, shops and restaurants are within walking distance. Continue reading Villa Benissa

Villa Begur

Begur is one of the most preferred beaches on the entire stretch of the beach of the Mediterranean Sea touching Spain. Begur has with it many well known beaches like Aiguafreda, Riera, SaTuna, Fonda, etc. Otherwise a quiet town administered by a municipality, the population increases 10 times during summer. Such is the influx of tourists into this city! Most popular for its spectacular natural view, this city has many villas to accommodate the tourists. Here are some of the villas of Begur:

Begur holiday chalet:

This 4 bedroom villa with sleep for 10 and 2 bathrooms is located in one of the prestigious and quiet locations in an area called Zone Mas Prats. The uniqueness of this villa is that it is near the beach and also near the town as well as the historical place called Kernel of Begur. There are varieties of golf courses in a place very near to the villa. Continue reading Villa Begur

Costa Blanca villas

Costa Blanca is one of the largest sea beaches spread over an area of about 200 kilometers. The entire stretch is dotted with many small towns and villages. Running across the sea beach are rows of mountains. The entire stretch of beach is filled with picturesque scenery of the sea on one side and the rows of mountains on the other side. The villas are situated on this entire stretch of Costa Blanca which offer luxurious accommodation for the tourists so that they could enjoy nature munching the luxury of the villa. Some of the villas found on this stretch of beach are briefly mentioned here:

Villa La Marina:

This four bedroom villa situated in Moraria is the most ideal place for a peaceful holiday. Situated at a distance of about 5 to 10 minutes from the villa, the beauty of the sea can be enjoyed right from the terrace of the villa. It is equipped with 9 sleeps, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen that is fully geared up for cooking. It has central heating facility for stay during winter and of course it has air conditioner too for use during summer. Private swimming pool and facilities for outdoor sports like golf, tennis, skiing, cycling, etc. are available. Continue reading Costa Blanca villas

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